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Perennials : The Definition.

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What does perennial mean?

Perennials : The Definition.

A perennial plant is one that lives for many years, rather than dying in one or two years time.
That is a very simplified version that can be further broken down into:
Woody Perennial : E.G. Trees and shrubs.
Herbaceous perennial : A plant which dies down completely over winter and re- grows in the spring. E.G. Lupins.
Bulbous Perennial : Plants that die down , often in summer, store food in their bulbs and re-grow E.G. Tulips
Tender/ Half Hardy Perennial : A perennial that is not winter hardy and must be protected from frost, by bringing indoors. E.G. Pelargoniums.

Confused? Just remember that when perennial is mentioned, the plant has the ability to grow for many years.



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