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Begonia: Tuberous Hybrids.

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how do I grow Double Begonias?

Begonia: Tuberous Hybrids.

Not to be confused with the fibrous semperflorens type of Begonia, the tuberous,(or Belgian), types have large , often double flowers in many jewel like colours. A first class bedding /patio tub plant for a cool, shady area in the garden.
In the cooler climates, the dormant tubers are best started into growth in the greenhouse or windowsill.
Place the tubers round side down in trays of peat, in gentle heat during March.
Whenever the new shoots reach 2" or 3" tall, pot the tubers up into individual 4" pots, using potting compost.
In late May, harden the plants off and plant out in the garden for a spectacular display.
In warmer regions, the dormant tubers can be planted straight into the garden from late April.



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