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Pricking Out: (7) Setting Up The Potting Bench

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How do I set up my potting bench?

Pricking Out: (7) Setting Up The Potting Bench

Most people find pricking out to be very therapeutic and relaxing, however it can literally be a pain in the neck ,(and back, for that matter!)
Avoid problems by making sure that you do not have to stretch to reach the seed lings and trays and that you keep your back and neck straight.
Comfort Tips:
(A) Sit down whilst pricking out.
(B) Work at a comfortable height. If you have to bend your neck , the tray is too low. I overcome this by sitting the tray that I am working on ontop of several other trays.
(C) If you are right-handed, sit the tray of seedlings on your left hand side, close to the tray you are working on, Left- handed people should sit the tray of seedlings to the right hand side.
The seed tray should be at the same height as the tray you are pricking out into, so sit it on a box or some other trays.
(D) Switch on the radio and let your cares drift away!



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