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can morning glory vine be grown as indoor plant?I have cuttings growing in water and they are blooming indoors

Indoor Morning Glories

It is possible to grow morning glories indoors, but unless there is a specific place for them to continue to grow and bloom, it is not highly recommended.

Morning glory vines thrive while not in direct sunlight and kept in cooler temperatures. Thriving morning glories will also grow in any direction they are able, so if the vine is allowed to, it will climb over any object it comes into contact to and can possibly become entangled.

Some people consider morning glories to be more of a weed than a flower because of their excessive growth and tendency to strangle any nearby plants. If you truly want to grow morning glories inside, it is best to give it a specific spot to grow in and an object such as a trellis or even a few poles to wind around. You can trim the vines that get out of control or manipulate the vine itself in directing it where to grow. But keep in mind, continuously winding vines around themselves will cause the plant to become very heavy and may break the trellis or other climbing object, so trimming may become mandatory.

What should I use to attract butterflies, besides plants.

Unique ways to attract Butterflies

Flowers with large petals and bright colors are a great way to attract butterflies. But there are other ways to welcome butterflies. Shallow trays of sand can be placed in the garden to give butterflies a place to relax and enjoy the sunshine. Shallow bowls of rocks give butterflies a place to get a drink of water. Butterflies will love small plates of rotting fruit. Bannanas, apples and grapes make great snacks for butterflies.

Which perennials will attract Butterflies?

Perennials to attract Butterflies

Perennials are excellent plants in the English Garden. These plants come back year after year. Select perennials that have large flowers and bright colors. Here are a few of my favorite perennials that attract perennials:
Butterfly Weed
Shasta Daisy
Pineapple SagePurple Coneflower
Black-Eyed Susan
Butterly BushBe
Bee Balm
Purple Coneflower

Which annuals should I plant to attract butterflies

Annuals to Attract Butterflies

There are many great annuals that will attract butterflies. Select annuals that have large flowers and brigh colors. Here are a few of my favorites:
Blue Salvia
Red Salvia

Is Goldenrod a weed or a flowering garden plant?


Goldenrod is considered a weed in some locations, but it can be an excellent native flowering plant if cared for properly. This yellow flowering perennial grows to 2-3 feet and should be spaced three feet apart. Grows best in full sun to light shade.

What should I know about Black-Eyed Susan?

Black-Eyed Susan

Black-Eyed Susan is a very popular native plant for the English Garden. The yellow flowers are large and showy. These plants re-seed very well. They should be planted in a sunny location, but will tolerate any soil conditions. They will grow 2-3 feet tall and should be planted three feet apart.

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