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Trees For The Small Garden Tips

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When should I prune apple trees?

Pruning Apple Trees

Pruning apple trees can vary according to variety and the intent. If you want to control the tree size, summer pruning is best. Pruning in the summer will also increase fruit color and reduce cork spot.

I love Cherry blossom. what are the best small cherries?

Flowering Cherries.

The masses of frothy pink or white blossoms are for many the childhood memories of Spring. There are many small Cherry trees suitable for the average garden.
Flowering Cherries are undemanding plants, requiring a reasonably fertile soil in an open sunny position.
Pruning consists of cutting out misplaced and damaged branches in late summer,(cuts heal quickly at this time, reducing the chances of infections).
Recommended Cherries:
Prunus subhirtella "Autumnalis" : For people who can't wait for spring, this pretty 15' tree produces white blossom during mild spells from November till April.
Prunus "Pandora" :Excellent soft pink blossom in March/April on a 20' upright tree.
Prunus "Amanagawa": Double,pale pink blossom in april on an tree that has the appearance of a Lombardy poplar.
Prunus "Kanzan" : The most popular japanese cherry. Candy pink, double flowers in April on a shuttlecock shaped tree.
Prunus "Kiku-shidare Sakura" : Beautiful double pink blossom on a weeping tree.

Is there a small tree that grows in wet soil?

Fraxinus Ornus: Flowering Ash.

A lovely round headed tree with attractive deep green leaves with 5 -7 leaflets.Spectacular show of white, scented flowers in May. Good for moist soils in sun or part shade. 25 ft.

What are the best small trees?

Crataegus: The Hawthorn.

Hawthorns are good hardy, but under-rated small flowering trees.The flowering season is May/June and most types have heavy crops of autumn berries and colourful foliage.
Plant in sun or part shade. Suitable for all soil types.
Good types include:
Crataegus laevigata "Paul's Scarlet": Double red blooms. 20 ft
Crataegus laevigata "Rosea Flore Pleno": Double pink blooms. 20 ft.
Crataegus laevigata "Plena": Double white blooms.
Crataegus x lavallei "Carrieri": Glossy dark green leaves,white flowers and orange berries. One of the last trees to drop it's leaves. 20 ft.
Crataegus prunifolia: White flowers, long lasting scarlet berries and super red/orange autumn foliage.
All Hawthorns make good specimen trees in lawns.

Would an ornamental Crabapple grow too big for my tiny back garden?

Malus: The Crab Apples.

Most people think of flowering cherries for spring blossom,but the crab apples have some distinct advantages.the fall display of ornamental fruit,large enough in some varieties for jelly making.
Flowering crabs will grow in any reasonably fertile soil and are best in an open, sunny aspect.Most grow to about 25'

Regular pruning is unnecessary,but removal of misplaced and damaged branches can be done in winter after leaf fall.

The best sorts are :
Malus "Montreal Beauty"- white flowers large orange fruit.
Malus "Golden Hornet"-masses of white flowers followed by beautiful , long lasting , yellow fruits.
Malus "Profusion"- Crimson flowers,purple foliage and fruit.
Malus floribunda - Beautifully shaped arching tree with pale pink blossom and tiny fall fruit.
Malus "John Downie" White blossom followed by large reddish orange fruit.

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