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Fuchsias Tips

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How do I care for my Fuchsias in winter?

Winter Care Of Fuchsias.

Fuchsias in many regions are not winter-hardy and in fall you must bring them indoors
If whitefly have been a problem for you, it is a good idea to wait till the first light frost of fall defoliates the Fuchsia, before bringing indoors. (No Leaves = no whitefly ).
If the plant has been growing in a hanging basket or patio tub, pot up in a pot, just big enough to take the roots.
Next trim back by about one third and gradually reduce the watering, till the leaves drop. (Collect and discard these as they fall.).

Keep in a cool light place and water very sparingly till late February.

How do you look after pot Fuchsias in winter?

Alternative Winter Storage Of Fuchsias.

If you don't have any where indoors to store your Fuchsias, a great old remedy that works is to bury the entire plant in an outdoor pit.
Take out a pit about a yard deep and wide, line with insulating polystyrene sheets.
Cut back your plants by one third and strip off all the foliage. Remove the pots and lay the plants on their sides in the base of the pit. Cover with soil and repeat the process, then fill the pit up completely.
Mark the position of the pit and dig the plants back up in early March. Cut them back hard , re pot into fresh potting compost and place on a bright window (or heated greenhouse) at about 50 degrees . They soon burst back into growth.
I must stress that this tip is for bush and trailing Fuchsias , standard Fuchsias really have to be brought indoors.

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