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Rare And Exotic Plants Tips

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What is the Empress Of Brazil?

Worselya Rayneri

Commonly called the “Empress Of Brazil,” Worselya Rayneri boasts a flower color that is a deep blue-mauve or violet blue fading to almost white in the center and the flowers may also be a soft pale lavender with lots of blue spots. Worselya Rayneri grows on the side mountains in South America, especially Brazil.

What are the advantages of having a greenhouse?

Grow Specialist Hobby Plants

Imagine a glasshouse full of your favourite plant, unspoilt by the weather and at the peak of perfection! Fuchsias, Perpetual Carnations, Cacti, Belgian Begonias, Alpines, Ferns, Narcissi, Freesias-The choice is only limited by your imagination or personal preference!

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