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Growing Plants From Cuttings Tips

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What are the advantages of having a greenhouse?

Propagate Your Own Shrubs

Many shrubs can be started off by either taking cuttings or sowing seed in the Greenhouse.

How do I divide herbaceous plants/

Vegetative Propagation : Division.

Most herbaceous plants can easily be propagated by division.
In early spring, lift mature clumps and separate into several smaller, even sized pieces.
This can be done by either
(1) Pulling the clump apart. Or:
(2) Cutting with a sharp spade/ old kitchen knife. Or:
(3) Teasing the clump apart using two garden forks held "Back to back."
Always discard the weak, worn out centre of the clump.
How big should the "pieces" be? Ideally they should fit into your fist.

How do I root a Plumeria?


1.) Plant the cutting in a 6 inch pot leaving 2 to 3 inches of soil below the bottom of the cutting.

2.) Water the plant with one quart of water using a very weak solution of a water soluable acidic fertilizer. Allow the excess water to drain off.

3.) I don't know what your temperatures are but if they are 40 to 50 degrees put them outdoors in either full or partial sun (I would watch this carefully in the beginning. You don't want to burn the plant.)

4.) Repeat STEP 2 every 3 to 4 weeks until 3 to 4 inch leaves appear.

You can begin foliar feeding once the leaves appear or water more often if needed.

Cuttings of green wood are VERY difficult to propagate. The wood should be firm and grey in color for best results.

Also, the base of the cutting should be takes about four days in a shaded spot. Then it should be dusted with rooting hormone.

Soil recommendations: soiless potting mix or a sterile seed and cutting starting mix. I would not use regular potting soil.

What is vegetative propagation?

Vegetative Propagation: The Definition.

Vegetative propagation is a means of producing new plants from those you already have, by methods other than sowing seeds.

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