English Garden Big Brain Tests

Enjoy these English Garden Big Brain quizzes we've created for you, helping to test the English Garden knowledge you have.

Hughs Fun Gardening Quiz

How´s your gardening and plant knowledge? Take this light hearted test and see how many you get right.

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The Shakespeare Garden

Sixteenth-century Elizabethan England was a rural society. People lived in close contact with plants; they knew which ones would help their ailments and which ones to avoid.

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Are You A Winter Savy Rose Gardener?

Do you know the proper way to get your roses ready for winter?

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Chocolate is a big commodity with Valentines Day just around the corner. Do you know where chocolate comes from?

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Rouge Royale Rose

The new Rouge Royale Rose is a great old-fashion rose to grow in your English Garden. Take this test to see just how rose savvy you are.

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