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Variegation Tips

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Why is my plant losing its variegation?

Too Much Nitrogen Spells Problems

Is your variegated plant becoming grees? The reason may be that you are feeding it with a fertilizer that is too high in nitrogen content. The overuse of nitrogen has been proven to cause a variegated plant to revert back to a single color.

What is the cause of variegation?

Could It Be A Virus?

Many experts believe that variegation is caused by a virus.

Are their variegated plants in colors other than green and white?

Pink Princess Philodendron

This is a beautiful foliage plant with pink variegation. The care of this plant is similar to regular philodendrons although it does require more light to show the maximum variegation.

What are some unique variegated plants?

AE AE Banana

If you haven't seen this beauty, look it up! It is a beautiful, rare white and green variegated banana. The reason for the rarity is that only one out of every four pups match the mother. One is usually green, one is pure white (which doesn't survive) and the last one can sometimes be coaxed into variegation. This plant has not been successfully tissue cultured either.

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