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How To Grow Biennial Plants.

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What , exactly is a biennial plant?

How To Grow Biennial Plants.

The best types of scented biennials to grow are:Sweet William, Wallflower, Siberian Wallflower, Sweet Sultan, Sweet Rocket and Brompton Stock.
All are very easily grown. Here's how:
(1)Prepare an outdoor seed bed during Mid May/late June: Fork over soil, firm it with your feet, then rake to a fine tilth.
(2)Using a pointed stick and string line, draw out half inch deep drills and sow the seeds thinly.Gently cover the seeds by raking along the line.Label each line.
(3)Keep the plot well watered , during dry spells and during late June/mid July dig up the seedlings and plant out in rows 1 foot apart and 9 inches between plants.
(4)Keep the young plants weed free and continue to water during dry weather.
(5)During late September, lift the plants and plant out in their final flowering positions in your borders.



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