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Taxus : The Yew As A Hedge.

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What would be a good slow growing evergreen hedge?

Taxus : The Yew As A Hedge.

Evergreen, conifer hedges have received bad press of late due to the horror stories of out of control xCupressocyparis leylandii, however there are some conifer hedges that are not so rampant that make excellent hedges.
a very typical English traditional hedging plant is the english Yew -Taxus baccata. Yews are long lived, slow growing,dense and of a wonderful very dark green color.Unlike most conifers,yew can be cut back to bare wood and will redily regenerate.
There are a few disadvantages it takes far longer to mature than faster growing conifer types and it is not a species to use where livestock can graze it as it is poisonous.
That said a mature Yew hedge makes a wonderful backdrop to colorful flower borders.

Preparation of the site:
Take out a trench and incorporate plenty of well rotted horse manure or garden compost and some bonemeal.
Plant a double, staggered line 18" apart for the thickest hedge. Use small, bare root plants in winter or spring.
Cut the young plants back by half after planting to ensure branching down to the base.Over the next few years, trim the sides only until the hedge reaches the desired height.



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