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Storing Dahlia Tubers.

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How do I store my Dahlias over winter?

Storing Dahlia Tubers.

Here are my 5 easy to follow tips for success with over-wintering Dahlias

(1) Label all your plants, before the frost makes them unidentifiable
(2) Enjoy your Dahlias till the frost blackens them, then...
(3) Cut the stems back to 6"
(4) In a cool dry place , turn the tubers upside down(upturned tomato boxes make good props). Excess moisture will drain from the hollow stem.
(5) After 2 to 3 wks,clean up the tubers by removing the old soil and cutting the main stem down to a couple of inches. Also cut off any thin roots.
(6) Store the tubers upright in shallow boxes of dry peat in a frost free place till spring.



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