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The Rose Hedge.

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Do roses make a good hedge?

The Rose Hedge.

There are many suitable types of roses for this purpose.
Tall Hedges :6ft plus.
Plant in a single line, 2.5ft-3ft apart. Some good sorts are;
Rosa rugosa "Scabrosa" : Large magenta single blooms followed by large tomato shaped hips.
Rosa "Chinatown" Yellow fading to cream.
Rosa "Queen Elizabeth" rose pink.
Rosa "Canary Bird" Single , yellow blooms and ferny foliage.
Rosa "Mountbatten" Yellow.
Rosa "Joseph's Coat" : Multi coloured.

Medium Hedge: up to 5ft. Plant two lines, staggered at 18 inches between plants and rows.
Rosa "Iceberg": White.
Rosa "Pink Parfait".: Pale pink.
Rosa "Marjory Fair": Deep pink/white eye single.
Rosa "Ballerina":Appleblossom pink/white eye single.
Rosa "Alexander" : Bright vermillion orange
Rosa "Rob Roy": Deep Red.
Rosa "Southampton" : Apricot.



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