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Planting A Climber/Vine.

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How do Iplant a climber?

Planting A Climber/Vine.

Make sure the plant you have chosen is suitable for your soil type and that the aspect is right for it.
Excavate a planting hole just deep and wide enough to take the root ball. Remove any large stones and perennial weed roots. The hole needs to be about 18" from the wall or support
Add some organic material, such as peat or coconut fibre compost, to the soil heap. Sprinkle some bonemeal or osmocote to this and mix with a fork.
The climber should be positioned at a slight angle towards the wall.Replace the planting mixture around the roots and firm in well with the heel of your boot.
It is better to leave the cane support in, at this stage, to act as a guide for the plant.
If you are planting in spring, summer or early fall, water the new plant in well.



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