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Hedera Helix: The English Ivy.(Green Types).

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What is a good evergreen climber?

Hedera Helix: The English Ivy.(Green Types).

Ivies are not fussy about soil types and English Ivy in particular,has the reputation of being able to grow anywhere. The variegated foliage types do need some sunshine, so choose green foliage types for those sunless positions in the garden.
Some good forms are:
Hedera helix "Sagittifolia": Long , fingerlike leaves. 6 ft.
Hedera helix " Curlylocks" Frilly edges to the leaves 6 ft.
Hedera helix " Hibernica" Large glossy foliage. Ideal for covering unsightly buildings.25 ft.
Hedera helix "Cristata" Frilled edges to the leaves, turning purple in the winter. 6 ft
Hedera helix "Atropurpurea" Small deep green leaves, tiurning reddish purple in winter. 10 ft



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