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Begonia: Tuberous Varieties.

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What are the best types of double begonia?

Begonia: Tuberous Varieties.

There are many marvelous,(And very expensive!), Named varieties of tuberous Begonia, which are really for the show- bench and are best grown to perfection in the cool , shaded greenhouse.
For general garden display and at a price that will not break the bank, it is more usual to use unnamed mixtures or separate colours, but look out also for the following:
Begonia fimbriata: Beautiful carnation-like, frilly edged, blooms in mixed colours.
Begonia Trumpet Flowered: A range of lovely colours.The blooms have unusual form.
Begonia pendula: A single-flowered trailing type in separate colours.
Begonia crispa "Marginata": Large, single flowers in red edged whiteor yellow edged red.
Begonia Picotee Apricot: Apricot edged rose-pink.
Begonia "Marmorata": Fascinating blooms of red striped white.



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