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Begonia: Tuberous Varieties From Seed/ Young Plants.

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Is there an easy way to grow Begonias?

Begonia: Tuberous Varieties From Seed/ Young Plants.

During the last twenty years or so, the growing of Tuberous Begonias for bedding out, has become easier and cheaper by the introduction of varieties that can be raised from seed. The revolution started with the "Non-Stop" type.
Seed sowing of these types is a little difficult for the amateur grower, but as the professionals can raise thousands of plants at a much more reasonable cost. This means cheaper plants for the home grower and has raised the popularity of tuberous Begonias to a new high.
The Amatuer can buy part grown plug plants for growing on during late Spring, or fully grown plants to go straight into the garden in early summer.
You can even buy "Non-Stop"Begonia tubers in late winter.
Whichever way you chose to grow them, the "Non-Stops" will produce tubers that can be lifted in fall and reused the following year.
Look out for:
Begonia "Non-Stop.": Availible in exiting designer mixes and separate colours.
Begonia "Ornament Mixed": Beautiful "Non-Stop."type blooms, but with bronze foliage.



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