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Bergamot: Monarda didyma.

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How do I use herbs in the garden?

Bergamot: Monarda didyma.

A very a attractive herbaceous perennial flowering plant. Showy whorls of hooded flowers and aromatic foliage. Plant near a path where the lemon scent will be released as you brush past.
Scent is said to resemble the Mediterranean Bergamot Orange.
Aspect and Soil Type:
Full sun / semi shade. Moisture retentive soil.

Foliage is used in tea to releive nausea. Flowers and foliage can be used, sparingly as an addition to the salad bowl.

Good varieties:
Cambridge Scarlet: Bright red flowers. 3 ft tall.
Croftway Pink: Rose pink blooms. 3 ft tall.
Loddon Crown: Deep burgundy coloured flowers. 3 ft tall.
Schneewittchen: Pure white. 3 ft tall.



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