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Which border carnation varieties were grown in the past?


As one would expect were of one colour only. The mearest hint of another colour would have disqualified an otherwise perfect bloom at the flower show.
Varieties grown would have included the following:
White Selfs: "Bookham White," "Trojan," "Farthest North"
Dark Red And Maroon : "Surrey Clove," "Hercules," "Induna."
Yellow Selfs : "Daffodil," "Ceilia," "Sunbeam"
Buff and Terracotta Selfs: "Robert Bruce," "Mrs Griffith Jones," "Elizabeth Shiffner"
Red and Scarlet Selfs: "Glowworm ," "Brigadier," "Fujiyama"
Pink and Rose Selfs: "My Clove," "Mrs Percy Smith," "Peach Blossom"
Wine Selfs:"Siska," "Miss Rose Josephs," "Opalesce"
Grey or Lavender Selfs: "Greyhound," "Ellen Douglas," "Evangeline"
Purple Selfs: "Royal Velvet," "Irma" "Cassius"



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