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Rhododendron ponticum

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Which plants should I avoid planting?

Rhododendron ponticum

The species that is in the parentage of many excellent garden hybrids and frequently used as a rootstock for it's well behaved progeny.
Large, typical Rhody flowers, in a pretty light purple/ pink. Don't be fooled by it's charms!
If you have conditions that suit this plant, cool moist climate, be very wary of this plant.
It has escaped into the wild in Scotland, Northern England and Wales where it has swept through the countryside killing the local flora as it voraciously self seeds everywhere.
Those innocent looking shiny leaves, which when dropped release a chemical which is effectively a weedkiller which eliminates all competition!
Each year, hundreds of acres of it are destroyed to save the native wild plants of the Uk.
Amazingly the variegated version is sold in garden centres.....and it is every bit as bad as the plain green leaved ponticum.



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