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Pixie Lilies.

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How do I grow Lilies?

Pixie Lilies.

The pixies are often forced into bloom early and sold as house plants. They do make good garden plants also, where the natural blooming period is June and July. 15".
Lilium "Butter Pixie": Clear yellow.
Lilium "Orange Pixie" : Indian orange.
Lilium "Peach Pixie" : Apricot pink.
Lilium "Pink Pixie" : Rose pink.
Lilium "Bel Ami" : White.



7/22/2006 4:59:58 PM
Pat B said:

I LOVE my pixie lily which is a bright yellow.
I live in Western Massachustts and it seems to thrive on my neglect! Not actually, but it is the plant I most loook forward to seeing in bloom and I feel like a friend has left after the last blossom fades, then falls.

5/25/2007 7:53:31 PM
blaise said:

we just got some pixie crimson lilies and I was wondering if andyone knew how often they will bloom, just once or throughout the summer.


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