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Fantastic Variety Of Flower Shapes

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How do I grow Clematis?

Fantastic Variety Of Flower Shapes

There are eight different flower shapes
(1) Large Flowered Single Hybrids.
These have eight large broad overlapping "petals" in a star like arrangement.
(2) Large Flowered Double Hybrids
These have multiple layers of overlapping "petals"
(3) Cross Shaped ( Regulary shaped 4 Round overlapping petals).
Typically Clematis montana blooms are this shape.
(4) Cross Shaped ( 4 Irregularly shaped petals that do not overlap).
Clematis viticella for example.
(5) Saucer Shaped.
Clematis armandii for example
(6) Bell Shaped.
For example, the drooping bells of Clematis rehderiana.
(7) Open Bell Shaped
E.g. Clematis alpina
(8) Tulip Shaped.
Upward facing . Clematis texensis



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